Scobies Services - Unsurpassed Quality

We have a highly experienced tailors on-site at both Wandsworth and Dulwich. All garments are examined before being cleaned for any minor repairs and if found, are attended to at no extra charge to you.

Scobies have expert fitters who will help and guide you with all the aspects of your garment alterations or repairs. Our tailors can repair: zips, re-adjust cuffs, shorten trousers, re-line garments and undertake much more.  

The Wandsworth branch of Scobies also offers a comprehensive range of services for Leather and Suede, including: altering, reshaping and repairs. If you are interested in a personal consultation to discuss what you would like done to a particular Suede or Leather garment, please call Scobies Wandsworth on 020 8672 3392 and arrange a convenient time for you to bring the garment in and talk personally to our specialist tailor*.

Scobies offer changing room facilities, so with a correct fitting, you can be assured we will get your alterations or repairs right every time.

To discuss your alterations or repairs, please visit or call Scobies Dulwich on 020 8693 2755 or Scobies Wandsworth on 020 8672 3392 alternatively, email us at

*Alterations and repairs are carried out Monday to Friday

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