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Electrolux Lagoon® - Wet-cleaning system

Respect For The Fibers - When cleaning your garments with lagoon® you can always be sure of a premium result lagoon® can safely clean all types of garments and fibers including the most delicate silks, cashmeres and pure new wools (Woolmark labelled). Special synthetic fibers such as Lycra and Gore-tex, as well as leather, can be safely cleaned with lagoon®.

Fresh smell, soft to the touch and bright colours - Garments cleaned with lagoon® smell fresher and the colors are brighter. Your clothes will feel soft and rejuvenated every time.

Protect the environment - With lagoon®, you help protect the environment. No solvents are used in the process and all detergents are biodegradable for chemical free drainage. lagoon® cleans your garments whilst keeping the environment safe.

A revolution in professional cleaning - lagoon® requires just one hour to perfectly clean in water even the most delicate garments. lagoon® is the first water-based professional cleaning system to obtain the endorsement of The Woolmark Company as the perfect alternative for the care of delicate garments.


Your professional cleaner, trust lagoon® - Scobies Premier Valet Service are one of the only London based dry cleaners who offer the first and only professional fabric care Wet-cleaning system approved by The Woolmark Company as the ideal alternative for the care of delicate garments.

Lagoon® is an integrated system including cleaning, drying and finishing using water as natural solvent, assuring a surprisingly effective and ecological clean. Tested programmes and dedicated equipment are specially designed to perform the perfect cleaning and drying of your fibres. The innovative wet cleaning process ensures that all kind of textiles are gently and efficiently cleaned.

Lagoon® can process even fabrics so far by tradition solely domain of dry-cleaning. Special biodegradable detergents and recyclable machine components are essential part of a complete package. Using environment friendly products, Lagoon® protects and respects the environment, in full compliance with international standards.

Why Lagoon®?

Thanks to the combination of technology and gentle care, Lagoon® finally allows you to safely clean your most delicate clothes. Perfect cleanliness, fresh smell, soft touch, bright colours and brilliant white: enjoy the benefits of Lagoon® while preserving the quality of your garments and the environment.

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