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Specialists In Hand Finished Wedding Dress Cleaning & Repairs

We know just how much effort has gone in to choosing the right wedding dress and bridal shoes for your big day, and we are sure you will want to cherish the memories of the special occasion. At Scobies we have the expertise and experience of cleaning and preserving your bridal gown and your wedding shoes. After carefully dry cleaning and hand pressing your dress to the highest of standards, your gown will be wrapped in acid free tissue and folded carefully in a presentation box.

We are one of the only dry cleaners in London to use an environmentally friendly solvent called Hydrocarbon , it is totally odour free, colour safe, shrinkage free and the mildest and the safest solvent suitable for fabric use. These methods are ideal for all garments of a delicate nature, especially wedding dresses and will clean your most treasured dress gently and efficiently, while also being more environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Scobies To Clean & Preserve Your Wedding Dress:

- Eco Friendly– No harsh chemicals, safer for our environment and safer for you
- Better Finish– Natural conditioning & anti-static properties give your dress a softer feel
- Odourless– No unpleasant chemical odours
- Brighter Colours– Noticeably improves optical brightness to all colours & whites
- Expertise and experience of cleaning and preserving your bridal gown
- Your gown will be wrapped in acid free tissue and folded carefully in a presentation box.

The Process

Scobies are a premium Wedding Dress Cleaning company company who have a specialist team dedicated to the cleaning, care and restoration of one of your most cherished items. We treat all Gowns as unique, and each dress is individually checked and cleaned according to it's own style, design, material components and particular marks and stains.

The Scobies Wedding Dress Cleaning Approach:

Upon arrival, your Gown is unpacked, hung and examined by one of our expert and dedicated team for specific areas requiring attention. We will then contact you to notify you of your Gowns safe arrival and to discuss any findings that we may have made.

Hand Spotting
Specific hand treatment and spotting prior to cleaning using individual stain removal techniques. This can take several hours.

Your Gown is then cleaned using our environmentally friendly products that are suitable to clean any Wedding Gown including silk, delicate, embellished and hand painted Gowns. We cater for all Gowns including those labelled: Specialist Dry Clean, Spot Clean, 'do not dry clean', and even those that do not carry a cleaning label.

Your Gown will then be hung and re-inspected. If we need to retreat the dress to ensure the finest levels of service then we will do so until we feel that we can go no further.

Hand Finishing
Your Gown will then be hand-steamed, finished and inspected for one final time before being packed.

Your Gown will then be packed as per your instructions. No matter which Service is required your Gown will be packed with Special acid free tissue to provide an ideal environment for long term storage and to help minimise creasing for 'Pre-Wedding' Gowns. Whilst being packed your Gown is also checked to provide the highest levels of Service.

Before returning your Gown we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date and confirm the delivery address (this can be changed at this point if required). We do not return a Gown unless we have arranged a day with you as our Courier does require a signature.

CONVENIENT COLLECTION & DELIVERY SERVICE TO & FROM YOUR HOME OR PLACE OF WORK IN THE LONDON AREA. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON COURIER SERVICES OUTSIDE OF LONDON. If you would like any more information about our Wedding Dress Cleaning services or have any questions please contact us or speak to a member of our dedicated team on 020 8693 2754, alternatively email hello@scobies.co.uk.

*Terms and Conditions apply to our Collection & Delivery service, please contact us for more information.